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Joseph P. Farina

Joseph P. Farina, retired Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit, is highly regarded as an active and effective settlement neutral who managed the resolution of countless complex matters as a Judge for over thirty years.

Most recently, he was awarded the 2016 Dade County Bar Association Legal Luminary Mediation Award as “Best Mediator Miami-Dade County”. As a full-time mediator, arbitrator, special magistrate, neutral evaluator and neutral umpire at JAMS, Mr. Farina has quickly distinguished himself as a knowledgeable and efficient neutral who works diligently every step of the way toward helping parties arrive at the best possible outcome to their dispute. Read More...

Judge Farina demonstrated his experience, skill and patience and accomplished something that we thought could not be done-achieved a settlement in a highly technical area of the law with emotionally charged parties. Well done Judge!

Robin C Campbell

Top notch professional. Great communicator and high level of knowledge.

Harris Gilbert

Judge Farina was outstanding – this commercial dispute was more like a family law matter given the histories and dynamics of the parties and he got the parties to a resolution after a long day in which the parties started off very far apart in their positions, understanding of their claims, etc. Great job.

Brian Turlington

One of the most professional and knowledgeable mediators I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. His profound understanding of the legal system is unparalleled and underscores his ability as a mediator. I’ll definitely use Mr. Farina again.

Robert J Kleinfeldt

Judge Farina, was excellent. I don’t like to use JAMS because most mediators there are not effective and JAMS costs too much BUT Judge Farina is the exception.

William Davell

Judge Farina has always been a fair and constructive voice who gets the parties to an appropriate settlement if able. He handles everyone with dignity and respect. He has the gravitas and experience to get parties to move off their positions.

Don Hayden

Judge Farina is a great mediator. As is no surprise, given his time on the bench, Judge Farina is balanced, measured in approach, fair, frank, and knows when to push and when to take a step back. His demeanor and experience are a great combination, and he has a way of helping parties bridge their differences.

Pravin Patel

Judge Farina did am outstanding job. I will definitely use him again.

Bruce Kaster

Judge Farina was quick at understanding the complex legal issues and determining the viability of claims by each parties. He has an excellent professional demeanor, kept the parties focused on the main issues, contributed to determining goals of the parties and alternate approaches for resolutions.

Sara J. Saba Esq.

Judge Farina is a smart, personable, and experienced mediator. He recently mediated a case where we had 10 plaintiffs that lasted until 11pm. I highly recommend Judge Farina as a mediator.

Leon Hirzel

Judge Farina is a smart, personable, and experienced mediator. He recently mediated a case where we had 10 plaintiffs that lasted until 11pm. I highly recommend Judge Farina as a mediator.

Leon Hirzel

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Believing that patience is the most valuable asset of a good mediator, Joseph Farina goes the extra mile in attempting to understand parties’ problems. By putting himself at an equal distance between them, he has earned a reputation as a patient and impartial mediator whom parties trust.


According to a philosopher, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. With decades of practice, Mr. Farina never misses a chance to provide disputed parties with a unique mediation experience. His preparedness is what puts him high above the competition.


A retired Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit, Mr. Farina spent over 30 years on the bench resolving the most complex matters. As a mediator, Mr. Farina stands out as a negotiation facilitator who helps parties reconcile peacefully and effortlessly.

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